The date was March 29, 2015. It was a Sunday that on the surface was not unlike any other ordinary Sunday. This particular Sunday however was unseasonably warm for Colorado in March. This is where our journey begins.

Hi there! My name is Tomme, and I will be your tour guide for our journey. I want to thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I trust that you will find that our time together will change how you view the world in the best way possible. Are you ready? Here we go.

I was awakened by sloppy, wet kisses from The Captain, my thirteen-week-old golden retriever. He was ready to head outside to start the day. We were both greeted by the bluest sky, void of any clouds. A bright and shining vibrant sun bathed us in its warm embrace. The weather was unseasonably warm for a March day in Colorado. It was one of those days where everything around felt so full of life. In fact, it was one of those days where it just felt good to be alive.

Captain and I had plans to make the sixty-eight-mile trek from Fort Collins to Denver to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. After the day’s events concluded, I remember thinking that life was so good! I felt overwhelmed with the warmth of gratitude for more things than I could count.

As we left to head back home, the unseasonable warmth had been overtaken by a chilling cold. This drop in temperature couldn’t dampen the warmth of gratitude I was feeling, grateful just to be alive and have such an adorable puppy. I was feeling very blessed.

By the time we got on the interstate, Captain was sound asleep in the back seat of my truck. I had music softly playing as I reflected on the special time I shared with family. Since traffic was very light, I set the cruise control in my truck.

There was no way I could prepare for what was waiting for me as we drove through Downtown Denver and approached the northern end of Denver. We were traveling in the center lane of the interstate at about 65 miles per hour. Without any warning, in the blink of an eye, my consciousness was seized. The world around me went totally black. Then, I was awakened in a dream like state. It was almost as if I was watching a scene from one of the Bourne movies. My entire field of vision was distorted, and shaky. I saw a red glare and heard what sounded like metal being folded like tin foil, shattering glass, and screeching rubber. It was at that moment I felt a crushing weight pressing against my chest and I struggled to take a breath.

Only then did I realized that I wasn’t watching a Bourne movie. I was having an out- of-body experience, watching a scene unfold, and I was in the middle of it. Once I realized I was watching myself, it was as if my out-of-body self informed the self who was in the movie scene, “Yeah, I really don’t think you are going to get to wake up from this one, Tomme.” And without any warning, I slipped back out of consciousness as everything went back to black.

Have you ever experienced something that, in an instant, changed everything? Maybe you can think of both positive and negative experiences in your life that had this profound kind of impact on you.

As for me, March 29, 2015 was a day that forever transformed and reshaped every aspect of my life. It totally shifted my paradigm and set me on a new trajectory.

Let me show you what I mean. Go back with me to Littleton, Colorado. This is the city where I grew up. I am the middle child of three. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I grew up in suburbia and lived a typical life. I played baseball at my local high school. After graduating high school, I went to a local university and got my degree in Communications and Marketing. After graduating, I took a job with a large marketing firm as a Marketing Communications Consultant. This was a good job with benefits, and I was on the path, post-graduation, that I “should” have been on.

Then March 29, 2015 happened. On that day, my definition of possible was stripped away from me, in an instant, as my life was turned upside down. Possible would forever be redefined for me.

This brings me to you! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. Thank you for staying with me on our journey. Allow me to ask you a question: How do you define possible in your life? Is this too broad of a question? Let me be more specific. In your life, what are the things you would say are impossible for you? What things do you wish could be possible for you, but you know just are not possible? I know that feels like a trivial question, but I challenge you to really contemplate the answer because we all have perceived beliefs for ourselves where what we believe to be attainable and possible meets what we believe to be the wall of impossible.

For me, I have always been a creator, from the time I was young. I had a mat to play with my matchbox cars. I remember using construction paper and a lot of tape to always improve the buildings, houses, and roads on my matchbox car mat. In high school, I didn’t get my dream car. I got the base model that wasn’t fast and didn’t have a turbo, but that didn’t stop me. Over time, I made it look like the fast model that I had dreamed of owning. When I grew up though, possible met impossible at the thought of creating a brand that makes a difference in the lives of business owners.

In my mind, that was impossible and not something I could succeed at. That endeavor was for someone smarter than myself. Instead, I was content working for a marketing company. I even created free logos for companies that did not have a logo. You see, the company I worked for didn’t create logos for businesses to brand to. But I distinctly remember thinking that the company I worked for should care more about the success of their clients instead of the bottom line. I became increasingly frustrated that this was not the case. And the worst part was that I was resigned to feeling that way. That is, until March 29, 2015.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I remember. When we last left me in my story, everything had faded to black. I am not sure how long I was unconscious before being awakened to the loudest scream coming from my back seat. My window was being pounded on by someone seeing if I was okay. I later learned that there was a car that had lost power, stopped in the center lane of the interstate. At a speed of around 65 miles per hour, my truck collided with the stopped car. I didn’t even have time to see it coming. On March 29, 2015, without any warning, I was part of a fatal car collision that forever changed my life. It was the night that possible was robbed from me in an instant.

In that singular moment, the very concept of possible seemed like an illusion as trauma slowly took hold of me. Thoughts of what is possible started racing through my mind as I tried to put the pieces of what used to be my life back together. After multiple months of trying to put my life back together, I came to a place where I didn’t care to figure out what where possible and impossible intersected. I came to realize that the perceived intersection of possible and impossible only reveals the potential for impact that a person has.

Do you know where possible and impossible intersect for you in your own life? Maybe you do, and maybe you are on a journey to discover the answer to that question. Either way, when you get to that intersection, I dare you to challenge it. Ask why the intersection is where it is. Ask why it can’t be somewhere else for you. That is what I did, and out of trauma a dream was born.

Strategic Life is that dream. I was presented with one of two choices after the events of March 29, 2015. I could choose to view myself as victim of a trauma, or I could choose to view my life as a gift and a blessing. I could see the rising sun of each new day as a gift and an opportunity to make an impact in the world around me.

It was through trauma that I learned to embrace the “I don’t know”. I learned to challenge my own perception of possible, and every time I thought something was impossible for me, I would ask myself why. Why is it impossible for me to help empower businesses and organizations to succeed? Why is it impossible for small businesses to have a visually engaging mobile responsive website that is an experience, or professionally edited and produced videos, or a memorable logo that they can brand to, or industry leading digital analytics that until Easy Analytics only big businesses had access to. Why can’t small businesses have industry leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank #1 on Google? And why can’t all these services be offered at an affordable price that maximizes ROI? Are the things I am questioning impossible for small businesses? Or might they be possible after all?

At Strategic Life Digital we dared to challenge possible and believe that all those services could be possible for small businesses. We decided to believe that small businesses can compete with large businesses and succeed. With that in mind, we embarked on a journey and challenged our perception of possible. Along the way, we discovered an affordable way to offer those services at an affordable price.

We continue to challenge perceptions of possible every day as we strive to help those around us challenge their own perceptions of possible.

By challenging possible, a new way of life was born. Strategic Life is so much more that a business or a brand, it is a way of life. It is a concept that we believe can impact any life in the best way possible, shattering perceptions of impossibility and empowering people like you to new heights of impact in your world. We just so happen to build visually engaging mobile responsive websites, design memorably engaging logos, produce captivating videos, and empower people like you with the industry leading digital analytics platform. All the while, we are giving business owners like you the tools you need to succeed digitally.

Welcome you to Strategic Life Digital where We Believe In Challenging Your Perception of Possible.


Tomme Scheffel

Owner, Founder & CEO of Strategic Life Digital


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