Do You Believe? The Strategic Life Difference

What is the Strategic Life Difference?

What is Strategic Life? Realizing that there are thousands of branding and marketing businesses out there you may ask, “What makes Strategic Life different from the rest?” The Strategic Life difference can be summed up in one single word - “Belief”.

Our Foundation

To fully comprehend why belief is the bedrock of our all we do, one must go back to the 29th of March, 2015. This day would prove to be the genesis of the Strategic Life that we know today. It was a beautiful Sunday and my family was celebrating my grandmother’s birthday. When my alarm went off that Sunday morning, I never could have dreamed that this day would change my entire life forever.

The birthday celebration was a success. Everyone had a great time. I said my goodbyes and waved to my family as I always do. My thirteen month old dog, Captain, was sitting happily in the back seat. Traffic was flowing and it felt like just any other night driving home from Denver. All of the sudden, in the blink of an eye, my lights went out. I was knocked out cold, rendered completely unconscious. I awakened in a dream like state in utter confusion. It was unbelievably surreal, like something from the movies. I had one singular, hazy thought: "I have no idea what is going on right now, but I do not think I will get to wake up from this one. This is it; my life is done." After that, the darkness once again overtook me.

My only conclusion could be that my life was over as the metal of two cars folded like an

accordion, and as I heard Captain screaming in a way that I had never experienced before the collision or thereafter. For you see, my reality was being informed by the trauma that was still unfolding. I woke up from my unconsciousness to a state of panic from hearing people I had never met before. As I got out of my truck, I heard a gentleman on the phone with 911 yelling across five lanes of traffic. He was shouting in a sheer panic that he didn't know if anyone was in the car that was on the other side of the collision. My body was in shock; at that point I felt completely fine. So I decided to try to help. I dodged the traffic that had been backing up, as it was weaving in and out of the wreckage. I wanted to see if there was anyone in the car. I approached the crunched car, fumbling for my cell phone to turn on my flash light, so I could see inside. It was then I noticed that there was no longer a trunk or a back seat; they had crunched like a piece of tin foil. I finally retrieved my phone, which was a chore in and of itself, as my hands were trembling. I shined it inside what was left of the car to see the lifeless body of a woman. She was lying across the two front seats of the crunched car. Instantly, every conceivable emotion rushed through my highly concussed body. In that moment,

as I stood in the middle of the dark interstate, my gaze was flooded with the two crunched pieces of metal that were once vehicles. The scene overloaded my senses. The smell of the fluids was overwhelming as I watched them drain from the vehicles on to the highway, soaking the asphalt. In that singular moment, I was devoid of belief itself. My life was framed by this major trauma that I had just experienced.

The Nature of Belief

This is what I later came to realize along my long journey of therapy, counseling, and rehab. In that moment, I was stripped of belief in my own security. However, there was someone who was on scene that night before I ever arrived. He was also there the following 10 months of recovery, and He is still here with me today. In fact, at this very moment, He is doing the same thing he did that night. Namely, He is believing in me. In fact, He believed in me the entire time. He sees my full potential to live an intentionally impactful life. Sometimes in life, briefly through a series of circumstances and events, we lose our ability to believe. It is during those times that the ability to believe in yourself seems impossible. That is precisely when we need those in our life to come along side us on our individual journey. These close confidants have the ability to let us know that they see the endless potential we possess. As you read this blog, if you do not remember anything else from this story, remember this – there are people in your life who believe in you and in your full potential. Currently, you may be struggling with your own “dark night of the soul”. Find those who are closest to you. Allow them to rally around you. Together, I firmly believe that you can make it to the other side.

The Strategic Life Difference

Strategic Life was just another brand before 10:00 pm on March 29, 2015. Ever since that night, Strategic Life has become my calling and my way of life. It all starts with living intentionally in the Genuine Connection Direction. What is the Genuine Connection Direction? Essentially, it is the ability to say “I believe in you”. To say this (and truly mean it), one must meet the individual who lost belief where they are in that moment of disbelief. These simple acts are the building blocks of a genuine connection. Throughout this process, seeking to empathize and understand is paramount. And in addition to empathy, one must always love the individual that he is walking beside. Thus, genuinely connecting with that individual allows you the distinct privilege of strengthening belief in that individual. The Genuine Connection Direction is the sole reason Strategic Life exists.

At Strategic Life we do offer a wide variety of digital branding and marketing consulting solutions. But the services that we offer are merely tools in our toolbox. The Strategic Life difference is that we see our services and solutions, as virtual doors of opportunity. We use these solutions in a myriad of spheres - helping individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches reach their full potential through the power of belief. For us, Strategic Life is so much more than a business or a brand; it really is a calling and our way of life.


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