Relatability in the Age of Authenticity 3 Ways to Infuse Life into Your Brand

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

If you could sum up this last election in just one word, what would that word

be? It’s hard to find just one word to encapsulate such a tension-filled season. One word that may have come to your mind was the word “polarizing”. Surely, this election had to be amongst the most polarizing presidential races ever recorded. Regardless of which side of the aisle you occupy, we can all agree that determining the authenticity of news has never been harder.

With the rise of fake news, every source has now come under scrutiny. What is fake news? How can we be certain that the fact checkers are correct? Most likely, you reached the same answer that we did as we put this post together: “I don’t know”. Sadly, this angst has spilled over into the marketing world as well.

In this “fake news” world in which we live, having an authentic brand is paramount. One of the most valuable ways of driving authenticity is through influencer marketing. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help! Here are three sure-fire ways that you can start using influencer marketing today to

further validate your brand:

1. Join your local chamber of commerce

Network like a Pro

This step is often overlooked in the day in which we live. Often, as business leaders, we can be tempted just to live our lives in the digital world. However, there is something to be said about physically rubbing shoulders with other leaders in the area around you. The ability to let your

audience know you are involved in your chamber of commerce still carries clout. By working with other business leaders, you can find other people who will champion your brand. Since collaboration involves give and take, you will also have the opportunity to spread the word about the businesses of some of the fantastic contacts that you will make. Remember, we succeed as we network and work together.

2. Join forums related to your industry

Knowledge is power (for your audience!)

How do you authentically establish your business as one that is in the know? One easy way to do this is to join forums that are geared toward what your audience. Think about it, people are searching every day for information that is in your wheel house! Why not leverage the knowledge that you have? Forums allow you do just that. A forum that is on the rise right now is called Quora. As a matter of fact, Quora is the 67th most viewed website in the

entire US! Needless to say, this forum is quietly making waves in the question and answer space. Simply create a profile and start answering some of the questions that pertain to your specific body of work. Be sure to add “calls to action” in the form of links at the end of your answers. In addition, don’t forget to craft your answers in laymen’s terms, and break down any technical jargon so that anyone reading will be able to comprehend. Not only will contributing to Quora show your willingness to help, but it will also boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. Incentivize your customer base to tell

others about your brand

The Power of Connection

What causes stir your passions? There are certainly many to choose from. A specific cause is more than likely in your mind right now. Why not try to sponsor an event for that organization? By sponsoring a cause that you believe in, you are not only putting your money where your mouth is, but you are also showing the world what you believe. For example, say that you sponsor a 5k race. Every participant in this race (and even those who on the sidelines) are now going to be greeted with the brand of your organization. Because you are meeting the participants where they are, they will be more likely to tell others about your business! When it comes to authenticity, this is an easy way to gain brand ambassadors.

Are there any other ways to leverage influencer marketing? Can you think of anything that we missed? Feel free to leave a comment to let us know! Or, if you like, give us a holler on social media! We will be sure to retweet or share any ideas that you have. (See what we’re doing there? If you answer is “influencer marketing”, then you are correct!)


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