Mobilegeddon Are You Prepared? 3 Ways to Make Sure You are Prepared

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Have you noticed that our culture seems to be preoccupied with the end of the world? Scour the

internet and you will find scores of posts regarding various apocalyptic scenarios. Whether you look in the news headlines, in cinema, etc. This apocalyptic bent is nothing new.

There is something primal within humankind that causes us to obsess about all things unknowable. We have all heard about the apocalypse, but have you heard about Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon can be boiled down to this:

Google changed their algorithm in April of 2015, then again in 2016, and Mobilegeddon 2017 refers to a new mobile-first index that Google is rolling out. Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content — even for listings that are shown to desktop users. No longer will a user get served up two different experiences.

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Well, here is the kicker. Because of the change in categorization, businesses without mobile websites are not performing well in Google’s mobile search. According to Google’s own data, upwards of 60 percent of searches are now conducted on mobile devices. In light of these changes, are your potential customers finding your business on Google? If you do not have a mobile website, the chances are slim that you are ranking highly in mobile search queries.

Now, let’s take a step back. Unlike Armageddon, maybe Mobilegeddon is was not the end of the world for your business being found on Google for the 2015 and 2016 updates from Google. The 2017 update however, is predicted to have a much larger impact.

Mobilegeddon 2017: What Does it Mean for You

Websites that are not mobile optimized will not be recognized by Google when they crawl the

internet. Google is crawling the internet all the time to update the search rankings. If your website is not mobile optimized, the new Google algorithm will not even recognize your website. The organic traffic on your website will nosedive. Your site will not show up in search results as well as third party listing sites that are mobile optimized.

Here are three reasons that getting a mobile responsive website should move to the top of your list.

1. Consumers make purchasing decisions on their mobile devices

We are all aware that mobile adoption is at an all-time high.In fact, having multiple mobile devices per household is becoming the norm. The numbers are staggering. 75 percent of adults in the U.S. have two or more mobile devices connected to the internet. How does that number correlate to buying decisions? Upwards of 60 percent of consumers make buying decisions entirely on their mobile devices. With that in mind, consider this. Experience is key when purchasing via mobile. If a consumer is frustrated by the experience of your non mobile site, there is a 61 percent chance that they will leave your website immediately. What’s worse, 67 percent of the time, they will go directly to a competitor.

2. Local searches happen via mobile devices

Did you know that 80 percent of “nearby” searches happen on mobile devices? Think about it. When you are out and about, do you hop on a laptop to figure out where to go eat dinner? Of course not! We pull out our mobile devices to make these types of decisions. Here is one more mind-blowing stat: 88 percent of people use their mobile devices to search locally. The math is simple. Google is ranking mobile responsive sites ahead of non-mobile sites. An overwhelming majority of consumers are searching via mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative to have a mobile site.

3. A Scalable Future

Technological advances are occurring at the fastest rate in history. Who knows what will be

available even five years from now! One thing is fairly certain, mobile devices are not going away any time soon. The types of devices, however, are sure to be evolving. If your site is optimized from a mobile perspective, you will have a greater chance of staying up with the times. In this ever developing tech landscape, companies that do not stay current will go extinct like the dinosaur. For instance, did anyone rent a movie from Blockbuster this weekend? Robert Schuller may have said it best, “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” Is your website prepared for the future?

We are not highlighting Mobilegeddon to bring you down. In fact, the opposite is true. We believe in challenging the perception of possible. With that in mind, we want your business to be armed with the knowledge to succeed. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding mobile optimization. Remember, we are in this together!

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