Tailor Made Content: 5 Questions That Will Help You Reach the Right Audience

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Imagine that you are playing darts with friends. Everyone is having a great time. Now it

is your turn. You step up to take your first

throw. But instead of throwing the first

dart right away, you reach down and pull

a foreign object out of your pocket. Your

friends are gawking now. The object that

has materialized is a blind fold. Slowly,

you tie the blind fold around your head. Once you tie the blind fold, everyone begins to

duck for cover. Your friends are sure that you have lost your marbles! This scenario is

similar to the way that many try to marketing their advertisements. The issue is simple:

if you do not know your target, how will you know if you hit the mark? Recent studies

have shown that upwards of 64 percent of customers reported that the ads they recalled

seeing were annoying or intrusive. To make matters worse, similar studies found that 92

percent of traditional banner ads were not even being noticed!

So what are we to do? Enter advertising that is native. Native advertising is a type of

paid media where the ad experience

follows the natural flow, or progression, of

the user experience in which it is placed.

Rather than being met with ads that are

intrusive, why not make ads that fit the content they are already gravitating towards?

Consumers are 60 percent more likely to interact with native ads. Even more

importantly, in the mobile realm, native mobile ads are responsible for 6 times the

conversion rate of traditional ads.

Now that we have established the importance of native advertising, here are five

questions to ask yourself as you build your native ads.

1) What outcome are you trying to drive with this native ad?

On its face, this seems like a simple question. “I want them

to take advantage of my products or services”, you may be

thinking. But upon further reflection, we should dive a little

deeper. Is your main goal trying to drive traffic to your

website? What is the scale that your ad needs to

encompass? These questions will start you down the path

of knowing which direction to take. Not every ad is created equal.

2) Who is your audience, and what is their state of mind?

In the digital age, one of the pitfalls is reaching too wide of an audience. If you create

an ad that reaches mostly senior citizens when

your goal is millennials, then you may have a

problem! Find the right platform to disseminate

your ad. Also, figure out what the optimal state of

mind is for your audience. Is your target audience

the “night owl’ who is sitting up late at night? Or

would you want to reach your audience when they

are in more of a relaxation mode. Timing is everything when it comes to reaching your

audience. Try to decipher what their mood will be when they encounter your native ad.

3) What solutions are your target audiences searching for?

This question is critical. What is the "why" that your target audience is trying to satisfy when they do a search for a product or service you offer? Simon O. Sinek, who is a British/American author, motivational speaker, and marketing consultant gave a TED talk where he said: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it".

Framing the solution is as important as the solution itself. Put yourself inside your customers head. What is going to speak to that internal need? For instance, if your market is especially interested in philanthropy, your offer needs to speak to that real-world desire.

4) “What’s in it For Me?”

Humans are ever in

search of value. If

your native ad is not

adding value, you are

probably not reaching

your potential. And

adding value is not difficult! Here is one perfect example. Your potential customer may

say, “I don’t have the money right now”. How do you counteract this pushback? The

answer could be as simple as offering a free questionnaire. This way, the potential

customer doesn’t have the stress of feeling like they have to make a buying commitment

right away. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

5) What is the right avenue?

Putting an ad in the New York Times may be the way to go, but it could also be a bit pricey. If you are cash conscious, Facebook Advertising could be the perfect option for you. Our friends at Facebook have done a good job of creating pricing tiers that fit all budget sizes. As with most things, the more you are willing to spend, the more robust your reach will be.

You want to make sure you put thought and consideration into the right messaging and

the right avenues that are

going to most effectively

engage your potential

audiences. To use a movie

quote from Field of Dreams,

"If you build it they will

come," in this case that approach will not be successful. The most important the is taking

the right message to wherever your target customers are hanging out. Find your

audience and go after them!

We would love to keep the conversation going. If you have a channel of native advertising that has worked for your business in the past, tell us about it in the comments section. Together we will challenge the perception of possible!

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