The 4 Step Guide to Facebook Marketing

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

When was the last time that you were moved by something that you saw on Facebook? Was it a humorous meme? Maybe it was an emotional video. The post could have been as innocuous as a random profound thought from one of your Facebook friends. Whatever this specific post

was, it captured your attention in space and time. Think about it this way, out of all the potential posts that you could have been taking in, your gaze narrowed to one that proved to be meaningful. Is it possible to capture the attention of your followers in the same way? We believe it is absolutely possible! Not only that, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you will have the potential to connect with the hearts and minds of all who see your posts. Here are four proven steps to marketing on Facebook:

1. Evoke an Emotional Response

Pose a Question That Will Engage Your Audience

We are emotional creatures at our core. Desires are what drive us to action. A strong post will resonate with a sense of need in the follower. Starting off the post by asking a question is a great way to arouse desire right off the bat. If the reader has any inkling to want to know the answer, he or she will keep reading. Using phrases like “did you know” and “have you ever” are fantastic ways to start your question. The question will serve as your hook. Once you have a solid hook, you can move forward to the next step!

2. Marry That Question With Something Nostalgic

Nostalgia Allows the Reader to Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Now that we have the readers intrigued, we need to take them on a journey. Every journey has to

begin somewhere. Finding a nostalgic point of reference is the perfect place to start. Think about your industry. As we mentioned in the previous point, how can you hearken back to the “good ole days”? Don’t be afraid to go big picture with the nostalgia as well. Finally, marry the fear and anxiety that your audience felt with the offering. While reading the post, the subconscious of your readers will be torn. Release the audience from their insecurity by letting them know that you are on their team. Remember, you are the one who is connecting the dots for your readers. The goal is to start vague and become more specific.

3. Pitch why your offering as the way forward

An absolute necessity for success

The bedrock has been laid with nostalgia, now you need to take them forward into the present. Give the audience a valid reason “why” the "good ole days" don't have to be over, but that they can actually be better than ever before with your product or service offering. While the past is wonderful for reminiscence, you have products and services that bring a value added in the here and now!

Think about Facebook. When it was first introduced, there was a belief that it was dangerous and unsafe to be on Facebook. Due to Facebook initially being an exclusive platform for college students, many parents felt uncomfortable with their kids being on the platform once Facebook chose to lift their requirement of having a college email address by opening the platform to anyone who wanted to signup. This caused concerned parents to start signing up to be in Facebook in mass numbers. Today Facebook has 1.86 billion users on their platform. If Facebook was a country, they would be the largest country in the world with China coming in second with an estimated population of 1.35 billion. How did Facebook do this? They used the "good ole days" and the age old concept of community and said the future is brighter than the past, and the future of staying connected to loved ones is Facebook.

The fundamental question is, how will your offering marry the past with a brighter today and tomorrow? Why should your target audience want to move forward with your offering? Their answer should be simple: your business is going to empower a brighter today and tomorrow, satisfying an emotionally driven desire.

4. Restore the good ole days

By instilling peace of mind

At this point, you have successfully established that your product or service is the way forward. Now, you will want to reconnect once again with the past. Show that what you offer is better than

anything else out there. Let the audience know that you stand behind what you are offering. Also, sweeten the deal by offering some sort of value added. The value added can be as simple as a coupon or a free gift. Finally, marry the fear and anxiety that your audience felt with the offering. While reading the post, the subconscious of your readers will be torn. Release the audience from their insecurity by letting them know that you are on their team. The good ole days may be over, but there are still businesses who are true to their word.You are on their side, make that abundantly clear!

By putting these four steps into practice, anyone can market effectively on Facebook! You will start to see your engagement grow as you consistently follow these steps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Also, feel free to leave a comment below! Are you ready to challenge possible using Facebook?

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