Should I Use Google G Suite For My Business?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Are you trying to figure out what the best email provider is for your business? Whether you’re running a successful small business, a medium size business of 25-50 employees, or a large corporation, you may be looking to streamline your business email. In this article we will go over some FAQ's and the top 8 benefits to using the G Suite by Google, formerly known as Google Apps.

Google comes with a wide collection of apps (applications) that are incredibly useful in everyday life.

Google apps has become the industry standard for internal workflow, and as a result, has made the lives of the working individual much less complicated and stressful. Let's jump into some FAQ's.

I Thought Gmail Was a Free Service, What Am I Paying For?

You are paying for ownership.

We understand if that seems like an underwhelming answer, but when you use an ordinary Gmail account you do not have the option to have it read Having an email address that is tied to your website establishes credibility that you are a legitimate business, it also makes it easy for potential clients and customers to find your website since your email is

Also, it is much less likely your emails will be opened without having your official company name in the address. Having a branded email not only strengthens your credibility, increasing email open rates, it is also a tremendous tactic for instant brand recognition.

Another benefit that comes with paying for G Suite is that the ownership also applies to an administrator being able to give out company email addresses in times of hiring or firing. If an employee decides to go work elsewhere all rights, including emails and contacts, are kept within the company.

So what does it cost? For one user it is a flat $5/month, or $50/year. If you wish to have unlimited storage space within Google Drive then you can upgrade to $10/per month, or $100/year. This is known as

G Suite Business.

8 Benefits of Using G Suite by Google

We will go over the top 8 benefits that come with paying for G Suite by Google for your business.

1. Unlimited Aliases

Every G Suite account comes with the ability for you to setup multiple aliases for different specific uses. For example, you might want to have a support specific alias for support related issues, you might want to have a booking or sales specific alias to compile booking or sales related inquiries, and you might want one for your name. In this scenario you could setup three aliases for your G Suite email.

The benefit of this functionality is that it allows you to create specific and indicative avenues for your potential customers or clients contact you through that are specific to the needs of your potential clients or customers.

The different aliases can also be applied to multiple accounts as a way for your staff to collaboratively manage incoming emails as a team, making sure you aren't missing incoming emails.

2. File Ownership

One of the top concerns that business owners like you have is being able to keep track of important files being collaborated on within the bounds of her/his company. Google saw that concern and addressed it. On G Suite granting access to documents stored on the cloud is worry free by granting the creation and ownership to the administrator.

G Suite also allows for you to synchronize an employee’s devices so that all of their files on the desktop will be uploaded where you can access them upon an employee’s termination.

3. Greater Storage Capacity

A free Gmail account comes with 15GB of storage space. This storage space is spread between your email and anything you keep in Google Drive. There are storage space upgrade options for Gmail, but Google does charge you for upgraded storage space.

G Suite comes with double the amount of storage space, giving you 30GB of storage space at the $5/month level. Also, if you find that you require more than 30GB of storage space, Google gives you the ability to upgrade each individual G Suite account that requires increased storage capacity by paying $10/month.

For a complete list of storage options, Click Here!

4. Email Address Grouping

If your company is like ours, you most likely have it broken up into several different departments and operational roles. G Suite makes internal communication easy and user friendly. Rather than trying to remember every individual email upon sending out a message to a specific department you can compartmentalize people who should be receiving the message into categories: Sales, Support, Human Resources, Marketing, Management, etc.

Grouping is included in G Suite and there are no additional costs associated with email grouping. G Suite gives you the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of groups.

5. Sharing Documents

By integrating your entire team under one roof, G Suite gives you the ability to easily share documents across your storage portal with the click of a button. The sharing setting also permits ‘view-only’ and ‘can edit’ assignments on a per case basis.

6. 2-Step Authentication

Is cyber security a concern for you in your business? For most businesses cyber security is a top concern. The truth is that as technology advances, cyber security has had its own set of challenges keeping up with advancing technology. This has left cyber security in a vulnerable place. With major tech firms experiencing cyber security breaches in their cloud systems in the recent past, it’s more important now than ever before to make sure that your sensitive business documents are protected by layers of encryption and verification.

G Suite comes with the best cyber security measures in the industry. G Suite offers 2-step verification that can be enforced on all of your company’s users to ensure every device connecting to your network has been verified through phone and email, making sure that all of your sensitive information is kept secure.

7. 24/7 Support

You may be surprised to know that the free Gmail option does not come equipped with customer support. With G Suite you’re completely covered 24/7 with phone, email, and live chat customer support.

Whether this is your first time integrating the Google Business Suite, or if you have done it before, having 24/7 support directly from Google is a great value to you and your business.

8. Integrating G Suite by Google With Strategic Life Digital

Integrating G Suite and getting it up and running for your business has never been easier. We do the work for you from start to finish. We will setup your G Suite account, connect it to your website domain, and help you manage your users. Instead of just setting up your G Suite account and letting you figure it out yourself, we are here to help make sure that your business runs like a well oiled machine.

We do this by adding and removing users for you upon request. We will also help you setup and manage all of the benefits covered in this article. We are here to help make your business run as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding G Suite and how it might help make managing your business easier. Click Here!

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