5 Keys to Having a Successful Blog

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you should start a blog? Will people really read Your blog? Does having a blog make that big of a difference? The answer is yes, it makes a big difference. Here are 11 reasons you should start a blog for your business, nonprofit, or church today.

1. Google Loves Blogs

Google’s search algorithm used to be based on keywords. The sites with the most and best keywords

would rank #1 on Google. Later Google realized that businesses were doing what we call “keyword dumping”, so as a result Google changed the algorithm. The change started punishing keyword dumping, and started placing the highest value for search engine ranking on “relevant content”. Is your content relevant and timely. Blogs are a great way to keep fresh relevant content on your website which will strengthen your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) exponentially.

2. Establish Authority While Helping Other People

Publishing relevant information drives positive brand exposure for your brand. This happens when your blog content us useful in helping those who searched for your blog topic. The positive unintended consequence is that in that process it established credibility for your brand as one of, if not the trusted source for information within your industry or sphere of influence.

We have found confusion or problems your customers, clients, or followers have is a great driver for an endless well of blog content. When a customer has a hard time understanding something related to your industry, write a blog about it.

3. Free Press

When you have a blog you basically have a “tool” or a “channel” position yourself as expert in your industry. You will become a go to source for issues related to your industry.

4. Blog Can Help To Grow Your Business

When you become a subject matter expert, your business will grow do to forwards, shares, and recommendations.

For example, your potential clients can read interesting stories about your company success, ideas, strategies and even new products that might turn them into regular paying customers. That’s a huge opportunity that lot a of small and big firms are not using.

Did you know that companies who blog have 97% more inbound links (which means more traffic and visitors). – See it yourself.

5. Blogging is Easy

Blogging is actually really-really easy. The hardest part is knowing how to tag and link everything, which we cover in our Blogging 101 Training Video through Strategic Life Digital University. Are you ready to give it a try? Click Here for our training video.

Fun Facts

There are approximately 130 million active blog readers in the US right now.

90% of companies who blog daily have acquired at least one customer (probably much more) through blogging.

80% of the US online consumers trust the information they get from blogs.

61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

Blogging is most popular in age group of 20 – 35 year old. It’s over 50% of the total blogging population.

Source: Yahoo

Blogging 101 Training Video

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