Web Design Phase 1


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The goal of our 3 step approach to web design is to build you a website you love and are proud to  showoff, in the most efficient way possible!

In Phase 1 we build the Homepage of your new website.  The focus of phase 1 is the look and feel, design direction, and the layout and flow of your new site.  We take the information we learned from you about your brand and attempt to make a visually engaging representation of your brand personality that evokes the emotions you want your clients/customers to feel when they do business with you. 

This phase is where we put together the basic layout that will characterize every page on your new website.  We call this the flow of the site, or the user experience (UI).  We strive to make all websites that we design have a coherent layout and flow that is intuitively simple to navigate.  

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Web Design Phase 2




Once you approve of the design, layout, and feel of the homepage of your new website, that completes Phase 1.  Now it is time for Phase 2 of your new visually engaging mobile responsive website experience!

In Phase 2 we build out the basic shell of your new website.  Think of this phase like you are building a new home or some kind of building.  In any type of new building your floor plan is paramount to the flow of the home or building.  Have you ever gone to someone's home and thought that the layout didn't flow very well?  Well, this can be true of websites as well.  We call this the User Experience or User Interface. 

With over 1 billion websites that are hosted in the world today, it is more important than ever that businesses, nonprofits, and churches have visually engaging websites that are a memorable experience and the User Interface plays a big role in whether or not that ends up being the case.

In our industry we have a saying that rings very true and it is this. "Someone may find your website on accident the first time, but the second time is always a conscious choice."  What we mean by this is, if your website doesn't captivate site visitors, they will click the back arrow and move on to your competitors.  Once someone chooses to do that, you have lost that potential customer. 

In the industry we call this the Bounce Rate. One of the biggest contributors to having a high bounce rate is having a site that is confusing to navigate.  People don't want to have to spend time figuring out how to find what they are looking for on your website. If it isn't immediately intuitive to potential clients, they will click the back arrow and click on your competitor's links until they find a website that is immediately intuitive to navigate and that satisfies the their needs. 


We do extensive testing to make sure that your target markets will find the User Interface intuitive and simple, creating a positive User Experience that not only keeps your customers coming back to your website to do more business with you, but that also gets your customers to refer you to other people they know. 

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Web Design Phase 3



Once we have an intuitive simple to navigate layout and flow to your new website that you love and that your target markets approve of, that concludes Phase 2.  It is now time to move on to Phase 3, the final phase in our web design process.

Phase 3 is where we Test and Launch your new mobile responsive, visually engaging website experience.  Phase 3 is on us!  In Phase 3 we build your search engine optimization (SEO) road map.  We always say that you can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if nobody can find your website on Google, it won't do your business, nonprofit, or church much good.

We are leading the industry in SEO.  We get the websites we build to rank on Google faster than all of our competitors.  We do this buy staying up to date with all of the updates and changes Google makes to their  search algorithm.  We helped our client The Play Staytion of Asheville rank #1 in their local rankings over Sony's video game console Play Station, in 2 months, and we will do the same for your business.

Phase 3 is also when we test all of the links and buttons on your site, we make sure that they all work as intended and we build out the mobile responsive version of your new website. 

Once those tasks are complete, we connect your site to your social media pages, we list your business on relevant 3rd party directory listing websites, and we submit and index your new website with Google.

All of the websites we build come with ongoing SEO included for as long as your website is hosted through Strategic Life Digital.  We continually track how you rank against your competitors on Google, and are always working to get and keep your business #1 on Google.

Are you ready to have a new mobile responsive visually engaging website experience for your business, nonprofit, or church?



We'd love to hear from you :)


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